Glamour photography in our Reading Berkshire photographic studio.
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Frequent Users & Discount Packages.

Reduced Rates Studio Model Days and Studio Hire.
Detailed below are the reduced rates these include:

  • New User Introductory offer first shoots at the studio and also can apply to past user.
  • Regular User Rates Ė Studio Days & Model Events reduce the rate to as little as £60 per hour.
  • Reduced Studio Hire rates for longer bookings.

Introductory Rate for New Users.

  • £100 for 2 hrs including 15 minutes set up time plus help and assistance if required this is applies to your first booking for normal standard studio model days
  • If you havenít booked the studio for over 6 months then we would welcome you back with our New Introductory Rate for your next shoot.

Regular Studio User or Multiple Bookings.

  • Regular Users can enjoy a special (standard) Model Day rate of £65 per hour when booking a 2 hour shoot.
  • Booking and paying for more than two hours in any one month will be offered additional bookings in that calendar month at £60ph

Studio Hire

Reduced rates for studio apply to longer studio bookings as follows:

  • 6 hours Studio hire between 09:30 - 18.30 - £120 reduced from £150 SAVING £30.
  • 8 hours Studio hire between 09:30 - 22:00 - £160 reduced from £200 SAVING £40.

For longer bookings and multiple or pre-paid & bookings: Click to Mail for more Information.

Notes & Conditions

  • Advance payment applies to all reduced rates.
  • Payment methods for reduced rates must be by bank transfer, credit or debit card. (Not Pay Pal.)
  • Pay Pal payment cannot be used for reduced rates.
  • Reduced rates may not apply to certain events or models.
  • Reduced rates for studio hire do not normally apply to weekends or bank holidays.