Glamour photography in our Reading Berkshire photographic studio.
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Nude, Erotic & Adult Courses - Introduction.

The Courses being offered have been carefully considered and designed to meet the photographers requirements, all the courses have been professionally planned and organised, are all on a one to one basis,  will only use very experienced, professional models, who have been specifically selected for these courses.

When considering and offering Nude, Erotic and Adult courses itís very important to provide a relaxed and non competitive atmosphere so that the course content can be delivered in a relaxed way, at a pace to suit the individual photographers skills, experience and confidence level, hence the courses are only offered on a one to one basis.

Selection of a suitable model is vital to delivering the courses in a relaxed and confident manner, so the model must be confident, professional, very experienced and able to contribute to the course, this will ensure the photographer can feel relaxed and the course content can be delivered at a confident and unhurried pace.

Courses are relaxed, informal and can be flexible to your requirements both prior to and during the course itself, both the tutor and the model contribute to the course as required by your needs or questions.

All the courses offered are professional quality courses and offer genuine value, you should expect to both enjoy and learn from the course you select to take, but please donít expect to become an instant expert, this takes time, effort and experience. The courses are intended to give you the skills, experience and introduction to the subject you selected, giving you experience whilst creating some superb images for your portfolio.

Please see the feedback received from past (and present) customers below. (Yet to be included)
If you have a specific requirement Iím always pleased to discuss a custom course that meets your requirements, so just ask.

  • All Courses are on a one to one basis.
  • Scope and content to meet your specific needs.
  • Intensive practical hands on approach to learning studio lighting.
  • Professional experienced Models.
  • Content and Method developed over 100's of Courses.
  • Very positive feedback received from Photographers.
  • Featured in Digital Camera - Studio Showcase feature.
  • Photography Monthly Ė Courses featured in Improve your Photography.

Some of the courses available

  • Erotic & Nude Primer Course.
  • Erotic & Adult Image Experience Course.
  • Adult Glamour Confidence Course.

For full details of the courses available just mail me.

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Glamour photography in our Reading Berkshire photographic studio.
Models, lighting, Props, all supplied for nude, topless, figure, art, art nude, classical, portfolio and fine art photography.